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Bespoke Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems at Cobbs Farm Shop

When was the work carried out?

Our work for Cobbs Farm began in November 2018 and finished in March 2019. Tight deadlines and the need for a new fully customised system made every month interesting and engaging for our engineers.

What type of system was installed?

Cobbs came to us for a complete fit-out of their brand-new farm shop. The requirement included air conditioning systems, a general-purpose refrigeration and freezer room and a dry ageing room. Remote display refrigeration cabinets were also installed in customer facing areas of the farm shop.

What requirements did the client have?

Display chillers, air conditioning and cold storage formed a large part of Cobb’s requirements. As a retail store, it was vitally important the newly installed equipment was reliable, visually sleek and did not intrude into customer facing areas of the shop.

What did Royale do?

First off, an energy efficient air conditioning system was installed using custom pipework to connect to an external condensing that provides much better energy efficiency throughout the summer months. Display chillers were carefully installed into the shop area to allow Cobb’s to display products in a visually pleasing way. A tailor-made dry-aged beef room was built with a window that allows customers to see the products inside. A general-purpose refrigeration and freezer room was also built.

Pipework and cabling for all the equipment was hidden away where possible so as not to interfere with the sleek visual appearance of the farm shop’s customer facing areas.

Were there any challenges?

Pipework is often challenging, especially when so many different types of equipment are required within one retail space. This, together with tight deadlines, made this job slightly more challenging but our engineers completed it on time and to spec without any problems.

What were the results?

Simply put, a reliable and energy efficient system was installed that provides consistent temperature control and a positive the retail experience for customers. Great stuff.