Bespoke Daikin VRV-Q Air Conditioning System for Fareham Borough Council

When was the work carried out?

It’s always a pleasure to provide our services to local authorities, and our request for Fareham Council was no exception. This technically challenging project began on the 4th of November. Concluding on the 18th, it came with a unique and particularly important deadline – we had to finish our work in time for the building to reopen for local elections!

What type of system was installed?

As is often the case for our projects, we went with the guaranteed quality of Daikin. Their VRV line provide climate control solutions for buildings of varying sizes that are energy-efficient and reliable – exactly what Fareham Council needed for their Civic Offices building.

This one, however, was slightly different. The Daikin VRV-Q is a new model based on the existing VRV line. The decisive difference here was that the VRV-Q allowed us to integrate the unit into the previous system’s pipework and clean it of old oil and dirt. Instead of a costly full renovation project, the VRV-Q allowed us to just replace fan coils and units.

Even better, it protects Fareham Council should a product replacement claim ever be needed; by using this brand-new VRV-Q unit to run a cleaning cycle on the system’s pre-existing pipework, the local authority has full peace of mind that, should a unit need to be replaced, the request will be accepted by Daikin. This is a small but important benefit that would simply not be possible if the normal VRV line had been used instead.

What requirements did the client have?

The Council needed a new system that came with rock-solid reliability, excellent energy efficiency and maintenance costs and great warranties. As is often the case with local authority projects, it was important for Fareham Council to be sure that their system would be affordable, consistent and easy to forecast maintenance costs for.

What did Royale do?

Royale was called in to replace all fan coils and air-conditioning units, integrating the new VRV-Q system into the pre-existing pipework and structure – a great way to save on project costs without sacrificing on final quality.

Were there any challenges?

With the replacement VRV-Q system involving internal and external parts, the Royale team needed a way to scale the impressively tall exterior. Using crane lifts to more easily access upper floors for unit installation and removal was no small task, but it did allow the team to complete their project within a tight deadline prior to local elections.

What were the results?

A project completed a day before the building was opened for voters! By drawing on the new cleaning cycle capabilities of the VRV-Q, Royale installed an efficient and cost-effective modern unit that helps to protect the council should they ever need to request a replacement component of their climate control solution from Daikin.