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Replacing temperate control systems at Longacres

Chilled out: Repairing and replacing temperate control systems at Longacres

When we aren’t writing for our news section, we’re busy with cooling and heating solutions! In this instalment, we’re talking about a site-wide chiller installation recently completed for Longacres in Bagshot – the largest independent garden centre in the south of England.

Out with the old, in with the new

Temperate control systems are reliable by nature, but invariably the time comes to repair and replace. Longacres Garden Centre is such an example, having made use of their previous chiller for over a decade before deciding that a more modern, eco-friendly system was a worthy investment.

In Longacres’ case, the Royale team recommended a top-of-the-line BlueBox chiller as a replacement. The BlueBox product line is known for its temperature consistency, reliability and energy-efficiency.

Importantly, the chiller we chose for the task can heat and cool large areas at the same time – a must-have for the temperature sensitive plant products stocked in this huge indoor site.

Bacteria blockers

Carefully removing an older system can be a challenge, so our engineers conducted a thorough assessment of the existing environment. The assessment led our engineers to flush the piping that would be connected to the new chiller to ensure that it was completely free of bacteria.

Royale’s project management team contacted the local authority for authorisation to discharge the old water before flushing the pipework to remove bacteria that had built up over ten years, since the previous chiller was installed.

The new BlueBox system provided by Royale offers an excellent upgrade for Longacres that will perform more efficiently and cost less than the previous chiller for years to come – the ideal result, simply put!

Talking scale

Longacres Garden Centre is over 3,000 square metres, stocked with valuable plants, shrubbery and flowers that are extremely temperature sensitive, meaning a large part of this sizeable building required precision temperate control, twenty-four hours a day.

Underfloor heating goes hand in hand with chilling fan coils to maintain stock and stop flowers from wilting. Thousands of Pounds of stock rely on the system to stay fresh, with the same amount arriving every week directly from Holland.

Working around footprints and floor layouts is rarely straightforward, and it’s the experience of our engineers that produces a proposed system that’s energy-efficient, easily maintained, reliable and affordable for our clients.

All done!

The Royale team responsible for working with Longacres Garden Centre installed a new system that was easier to maintain and more energy efficient than the old system.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about anything cooling, heating or HVAC related you can reach us at [email protected] or by phone on 01635 551446. We’re happy to help answer any questions and to offer impartial, expert advice if you need it. Speak soon!