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Decades in the making: Royale’s roots and our path to the present

It’s been a long road to the present day for Royale! Since our inception in 1987 we’ve grown from a two-person operation to the thriving family we’re so proud of today.

Family matters.

It was 1987; a special year! Royale was born on a fateful, probably rainy day, founded by the company’s original directors Nick Sheppard and David Cullinane.

Technology was, of course, different then; AC was less popular than it is today, so Royale focused on installing and servicing refrigeration units for companies around Berkshire and London. Typically, the value of our service was based on response times. By being quick to the draw on maintenance and installation, Royale grew in popularity with independent pubs and larger chains.

As Royale expanded throughout these first years of success, we’ve diversified. Air conditioning became a practical arm of the business, with more clients in different industries relying on our team for both custom air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, be they retail stores, offices, car showrooms or known high street brands.

As HVAC technology continued to grow in sophistication and affordability, so too did Royale. Trading continued for the years to come, with the company being taken over by Nick’s sons Simon and James who today lead several teams of seasoned experts at our head office in Berkshire.

A Royale revamp.

2014 was a busy and important year for the Royale team. A new family member at the helm gave a fresh chance to rebrand the company and the way it promotes its, dare we say it, fantastic service to customers in Newbury and far beyond.

It’s busy work. New company vehicles and vans were acquired and given fresh livery. The business was restructured. A full re-brand took place, giving you the Royale look and feel you see today.

Navigating the transformation of a company in this way is no easy feat, but it’s borne fruit for Royale. We’re now better positioned than ever before to provide our expertise and support; something our more than doubled turnover and customer-base is a testament to!

Digital upgrades.

There’s a lot on offer for businesses in the present day as far as tech is concerned. A modest revamp of the Royale IT infrastructure means that we’re now able to support more clients than ever. Our bespoke CRM system helps us support and track projects - all part of a concerted effort to deliver the best possible service we can.

This goes hand in hand with a more digital approach to our ‘boots on the ground’. Royale engineers carry tablets which they use to easily and swiftly log work details and updates; a real blessing to the company and engineers both in the time it saves.

The back office has seen love too, with high-specification computers helping our office team to work with our engineers in coordinating and managing bespoke projects and ongoing maintenance agreements.

Time for the team.

We’ve also been sure to invest in the future of our teams, with extra staff training helping to contribute to success stories such as Royale’s Dominic Dray winning the SkillFRIDGE 2018 competition! We’re also SafeContractor approved and CHAS accredited – two great badges to pin to our name.

As the company has grown, we’ve seen our engineers and office teams specialise. Royale now employs professionals who have familiarity and expertise with air conditioning and refrigeration service areas.

These callout specialists go hand in hand with our project managers, making our emphasis on challenging, bespoke projects an exceptionally useful reality for our clients. Word of mouth speaks volumes in this regard, and we’re proud to receive most of our work through recommendations.

A different kind of service.

As Royale has grown, so too has our client base. Supporting several hotels groups, building facility and contract catering companies across the south and beyond, we work with high street brands like Starbucks, KFC, Burger King & Pandora in both refrigeration and air conditioning; a unique draw to Royale in an industry where other companies tend only to specialise in one or the other.

It’s been a real journey. Growing from a company primarily serving pub chains across London to a trusted provider of bespoke HVAC solutions hasn’t been easy, but we’re proud of the work the Royale team has put in to get us where we are today.

Great stuff.

An interesting glimpse, we hope, of the work we do – and the roots of what we firmly believe is a unique, great place to work for and work with! Royale’s come a long way and we’re excited about the future.

If you’d like to talk to us directly about anything to do with refrigeration and air conditioning, feel free to give us a ring on 01635 551446. You can also email us at [email protected]. Speak soon!