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Deery me: Four Royale coldroom projects worth talking about

Fridges and coldrooms might sound like an everyday thing on the surface, but the truth is a little different: they’re the backbone of businesses across the world.

Shops, restaurants and large franchises all stock thousands of Pounds of goods in these areas and they’re vital in preserving what a business needs to keep service going and clients or customers happy.

For Royale, these types of jobs are a staple that we have grown familiar with indeed. Over the years we’ve installed, improved and maintained more than a few refrigeration areas and coldrooms.

Today we’re going to tell you about four we’ve worked on recently.

Helen and Douglas Hospice, Oxford

The Royale team is fortunate to have worked with some very special companies and organisations over the years, and Helen and Douglas are certainly one of them! An established children’s hospice, the Oxford location provides palliative care to babies, children and young people in the Oxfordshire area.

This was a challenge, and we’re proud to say the team involved rose to meet it. Our engineers fitted a bespoke kitchen coldroom – a very important storage feature for the Hospice – to a demanding and awkwardly shaped room.

In a case like this, it’s all about experience. By cutting and shaping bespoke wall panels, the team was able to maximise the use of the space despite its awkward dimensions. With the walls in place, a Danfoss remote condensing unit was placed externally to avoid excessive heat generation within the kitchen proper.

The result? Maximum use of floor space and a safe, reliable system that was affordable to maintain and easy to use.

Warnham Deer Park, Crawley

Warnham Park, established in 1851, is a renowned privately-owned Deer Park located in Sussex.

To help maintain the main park proper, the owners have developed an adjoining farm which provides breeding livestock. The commercial income helps maintain the lands and is also important in providing genetic stock for the survival of Deer herds and species across the UK, such as the beautiful Red Deer in Warnham park itself.

Coldrooms based around meat preservation and butchery are always unique and distinct, and this project was no exception. Warnham Park knew exactly what they needed: a bespoke meat hanging rail system leading in and out of a tailor-made coldroom.

A team of three Royale engineers were brought in for this one. Careful planning produced a coldroom that used all available space, neatly incorporated the hanging rail system, and was affordable, safe and hygienic.

The installation went well, and today acts as an integral part of their commercial operation – an operation which directly contributes to the maintenance of a beautiful Park and the survival of Deer species across the UK.

Newbold College, Bracknell

Another interesting project for a lovely client. Newbold College came to us with a clear set of requirements: remove two poorly performing general purpose coldrooms and one freezer coldroom – and install a more energy efficient solution in their place.

Decommissioning an HVAC system is a task not to be taken lightly; recycling equipment and disposing of it efficiently is a strict process that, if diligently done, reduces the carbon footprint of a company like Royale.

With the previous equipment removed, a site survey and discussion with the College began. In this case, the establishment needed a remotely operated indoor unit and a new outdoor system.

Temperature is, unsurprisingly, a serious factor in how we go about a project. In this case, a hot kitchen in the College meant a refrigeration or cooling unit mounted outside would be much more energy efficient, so we did just that!

This, combined with the additional indoor unit, gave the College the coldrooms they needed at a much more reasonable monthly maintenance cost. Job done.

Baptt Group, Reading

Baptt group are a leading provider of bespoke shop interiors throughout the UK. Their work varies significantly from store to store – a great fit for our own broad range of experience.

As you might imagine, the word ‘retail’ is a wide umbrella indeed. A business that needs a coldroom installed might vary from a supermarket to a medical-oriented store such as a pharmacy. Both have specific requirements in temperature, presentation and legal compliance, and none can afford to have the end result be anything less than reliable!

Baptt came to us for consultation on three stores in Reading – two coldrooms and one freezer.

The first two were what are known as ‘floorless chillers’. These, as the name implies, have no bottom insulation or floor installed. 

Floorless chillers are great for directly offloading produce and products from vehicles and are also well suited for chilling methods like blast freezing, where a rapid current of chilled air is circulated inside to safely lower temperatures. This is a great option for produce, as the method reduces the risk of bacterial growth.

The third job for Baptt was a freezer, but don’t be fooled – they’re just as intricate to plan and install as any other. It’s more than just a plug-in affair; these units often involve CAM locking mechanisms, hanging mobile rails and the ‘jigsaw’ laying of prefabricated walls that fold and lock together.

We’re happy to say all three jobs went without a hitch – a great result for a regular client of Royale.

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