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Get to know Gary: A little bit of background on Royale’s new Commercial Director

At Royale, we’re of the opinion that you should always recognise great work. With that in mind, we’re running the risk of inflating the ego of one of our key team members, Gary Millard!

It’s been more than a few years since Gary first started working with our family, and he’s risen to a place of enormous value for the company and its direction. Here’s the scoop on how that happened.

Twenty years ago, far, far away

How time passes! Twenty years ago, our current Managing Director Simon helped Gary by providing him with a position with Royale as an apprentice. Starting from scratch, this led to a thirteen-year stretch with the company which saw Gary build the skills necessary to excel in this field.

As we’ve covered before, our industry can be complex; it takes real time to develop the technical understanding (and qualifications) that are needed to build a truly bespoke and reliable heating and cooling system.

Moving on

At Gary’s thirteen-year point with us, he parted ways. This happened in 2014, seeing Gary strike out on his own as a freelancer specialising in custom coldroom systems. Managing his own projects and living the self-employed life for five years is no small accomplishment in this line of work, and none of us were surprised to see him excel despite the challenges before him.

During the latter part of his freelancing years, Gary also worked for Celltherm, a leading coldroom manufacturer. Can you see the trend occurring here? Coldrooms are challenging jobs to handle; it takes a high degree of practical experience and knowledge to create coldroom solutions that maximise floor space and efficiency for the end client.

Unsurprisingly, Gary was snatched up by that company but ultimately (and thankfully for us) came back to join the Royale family.

Back with Royale

It’s been about a year since Gary returned to us as our new Operations Manager. Recognising the work he’d put in during his freelancing and Celltherm years, we’ve been happy to push him up to the next phase of his career by promoting him to our Commercial Director.

It’s great news all round. Gary adds huge value to Royale in terms of his technical knowledge, project management and customer support abilities, so we’re glad he’s here in this position with us.

Talking skillsets

Self-employment is never easy, and the flip side of that challenge is that Gary’s acquired extensive experience in his specialist coldroom knowledge, service-side skills and client-facing talent.

We saw these new abilities really shine in our recently discussed job for Cheverton Farm. One of our many bespoke projects, this challenge involved a particularly demanding blend of exact specifications and close, regular contact and briefing with the client. Thanks to the work of all our teams involved and Gary’s management skill, things went smoothly and we delivered a great finished solution.

Piecing together such complex requirements is, we’ll say again, not something just any company can do. Clients love Gary, and we’re looking forward to a great 2020 and beyond with him by the helm as our Commercial Director.

With this fresh capability on-board, we’re eager to help businesses grow through our providing of effective, bespoke heating and cooling solutions.

Thanks for reading

We hope you’ve found this little run-down interesting! We’re proud of our team at Royale, and we think it’s only fair to speak up when recognition is deserved. If you’ve got a cooling or heating requirement on the mind and you’d like to talk to us about it, we’re right here to do just that. Call us on 01635 551446 or email on [email protected].

And Gary, since we know you’re reading this too, get back to work – we've got jobs on