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Meet the team: Just a few of the special individuals who work at Royale

We work more than a little magic at Royale, so it’s time to talk about the important people behind the service we’re so proud of! Many of our employees have been with us for over twenty years – a massive privilege in a world where many move around every few years.

That kind of long experience is simply irreplaceable, and it’s a huge factor in the close, personable support we’re able to offer our clients – be they single projects or extended maintenance contracts.

Gary Millard, Operations Manager

We weren’t lying when we said 20 years and more! Gary’s been with us for two decades – which we’re sure have flown by! – and acts in 2019 as our trusted Operations Manager.

In essence, Gary’s here to ensure that all the moving parts of our service come together at the right time, and in the right quality. It’s a varied position, and for a company like Royale that specialises in technical support and bespoke installation jobs, it takes a careful eye to ensure the final level of quality is worthy of the company name and brand.

In addition to this, Gary’s something of a coldroom specialist and is involved in the scoping and consultation of any jobs which involve this feature. As you can see in our recent blog ‘Deery Me’, these tasks are invariably challenging and usually quite intricate.

James Sheppard, Technical Director

Another experienced (we won’t say old) hand of the company, James has been with Royale for 24 years and works now as our Technical Director. In addition to offering ongoing technical support to our clients and engineers, he’s vital in helping the company to source the parts and equipment it needs to get the job done.

You can get a glimpse of just how important this is in a previous blog, ‘Of burgers and Burberry’.

Our engineers are busy by nature, and we have strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for our clients that need to be responded to consistently.

All the speedy response in the world means little if an engineer’s van is poorly stocked, and it’s James’ role to make sure we always have the right parts in the right quantity for our engineers to draw from to resupply their vehicles before they hit the road.

Nathan Dobson, Operations Director

Nathan’s been with us for a brief spell – 25 years, to be exact. As our Operations Director, he oversees the management of our CRM system – our one-stop shop for the management of our customer data. He’s also the general manager of our office, seeing to our physical assets and any other issues that may occur during the working weeks.

It’s Nathan’s duty to ensure that our clients are up to date on the progress of their orders and projects with us and to ensure that all paperwork, pictures and reports are received from our engineers and stored centrally for the business.

Sean Egan, Head of Service

Sean’s been with us for four years, and it’s been a real rise from his entry position to his present role as our Head of Service! This is a role that is all about communication; Sean makes sure that our engineers are informed and directed each day, managing their movement between jobs so that our SLAs are honoured and our clients happy.

Leigh Woodman, Accounts Secretary

Lee is another trusted and long-standing member of the Royale team. Having been with us for over 15 years, her experience as our Accounts Secretary is significant and invaluable to the smooth management and maintenance of our company accounts.

It’s a busy business here, and Lee makes sure that our clients and internal staff receive the clerical and administrative support they need. Reliably overseeing the financial elements of Royale is far from easy, and we’re more than a little fortunate to have someone with us who knows Royale so thoroughly.

Steven Crocker, Director

Steve’s been with Royale for an incredible 26 years, starting as an apprentice before working up to his present role as a senior engineer. Working out of office, he’s relied on to consult on and fulfil our most challenging jobs.

In recognition of his time with us – and the value he brings as a specialist and trusted member of the team – we have awarded a Directorship to Steve. As another long-standing member of the family, he’s also trusted with helping other engineers where needed from an HR perspective.

Liam Madden, Service & Maintenance Coordinator

Liam joined the Royale family around four years ago. His exceptional skill in dealing with customer queries and project coordination makes him ideally suited to resolve urgent customer requests and maintenance issues.

As the first point of contact for our customers if a maintenance issue arises, Liam gets things done quickly by working with Sean Egan and our engineering team to meet and beat customers' expectations. This is reflected by the feedback we regularly receive from customers about Liam's service.

A team to be proud of

Royale is fortunate to employ those we employ. These individuals - and all the other members of our company - come together to provide a service that is authentic, skilful and friendly to our clients and those we work with.

It’s telling when a business thrives predominantly through referrals and word of mouth, and we believe a large part of this being the case for Royale lies with the coming together of such extensive experience and commitment to the job.