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Much needed air conditioning in beautiful office space

We were delighted to install bespoke air condtioning to this beautiful Berkshire countryside office space, creating the perfect working environment.

When was the work carried out?

Our work for William Betts began in September 2020 and finished in March this year. We originally installed refrigeration and air conditioning in the prestigious Hampstead Norreys community village shop and were delighted to be asked to install air conditioning throughout the newly built office space.

What type of system was installed?

The requirement included Daikin air conditioning throughout the site using a combination of wall mounts, compact cassettes and round flow cassettes giving us the perfect room temperature even in the rooms located in the barn’s eaves.

What requirements did the client have?

It was vitally important the newly installed equipment was reliable, visually sleek and was hidden in keeping with the barns design to look like the older barns on the estate.

What did Royale do?

After a successful air conditioning installation at the community village shop, we understood what our client wanted and the type of bespoke installation they were after. An energy efficient air conditioning system was installed throughout the site keeping the units as subtle as possible. The outdoor condensing units were positioned in such a way that they could be boxed in out of view to keep inline with the other farm house buildings surrounding the newly build (made to look old office block). William did no want to see anything on the permitter of the building, all pipework was either under the floor or in the walls.

What were the results?

A reliable and energy efficient system was installed that provides consistent temperature control and an aesthetic that fitted in with the barns feel and surrounding area.