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Recycling with Royale: What we do to minimise the environmental impact of our work

Carbon footprints are on the minds of many business owners, and the proof is certainly in the pudding as far as HVAC companies and our work is concerned. With that in mind, we’re taking a moment to go over the ways in which Royale recycles and manages its waste during (after after) jobs and contracts.

What we’re doing about refrigerants

Refrigerants are a big issue in our industry. Across the world, HVAC companies are joining the drive to remove older refrigerants that are more harmful to the environment from use. Older refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) deplete our ozone and contribute to global warming and are still in use today. We do our part here by recycling gases, which we’ll talk about later in the article, and by opting for newer and more energy-efficient refrigerants the like propane-based R32. 

Royale’s training and certifications play a part here, such as being an accredited REFCOM member for competencies in managing the sometimes-dangerous refrigerant gases we deal with every day. Our Environment Agency certification for waste carriage means that we are trusted to transport and dispose of waste materials in an environmentally conscious manner.

These certifications are an important part of any trusted HVAC company, helping us stay abreast of our responsibilities around the environment, harmful gases and the disposal of potentially hazardous waste.

How Royale recycles

As you might imagine, our Royale engineers tear out a lot of old, energy-inefficient systems each year! While we proudly install newer systems that are a lot more friendly on any company’s carbon footprint, it still leaves us with ‘carcasses’ to dispose of.

We’ve long maintained relationships with recycling businesses that work with us to strip and destroy old hardware. Copper wiring is separated, and metal recycled, with waste transfer notes provided after the work is done to show to our clients and keep in our records. Documentation like this is a serious point in recycling; if you are appraising an HVAC companies’ worth, we recommend asking for evidence of how they handle waste disposal. It really matters to the environment.

When it comes to gases, there’s still much to reclaim in older systems. It’s a lengthy but worthy job; systems are drained, and the gas measured and documented, listing the type of gas and the weight and volume recovered. It’s a legal requirement, and we’re glad that’s the case – there’s a lot of environmental impact HVAC companies can reduce by doing this and it’s helpful for ISO-registered companies to see evidence of.

Making work accessible

Energy-efficient air-conditioning and refrigeration systems help the planet, it’s that simple. Minimising the cost to our clients is a fine example of a mutual benefit; Royale provides a valued service that gives a great result to our clients, all the while helping them to manage their carbon footprint.

In addition to promoting the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, which reduces the cost of investing in air-conditioning and refrigeration, we work with finance companies that can help our clients by funding the full cost of a project up-front. Paid back over a pre-agreed term of years, this kind of service is a great example of how we strive to make our service as accessible as possible.

The combination of these two offerings is quite potent, with Royale’s clients often able to offset the initial cost of both hardware and installation against their corporation tax bill. That means great systems that are kind to our environment and helpful to businesses in more areas across the UK. Great stuff.

Thanks for reading!

We’re grateful for you stopping by to learn a little more about how Royale handles recycling and carbon footprints. It’s a vital subject and we’re proud to do our part.

As you might expect, we’re right here for a chat if you’d like our advice or are interested in our services. You can either call us on 01635 551446 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon!