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Custom-Built Cold Room System at Leading Pharmaceutical Company

When was the work carried out?

Finished on the 12th December, this London cold room installation for a leading pharmaceutical company was a special task indeed. Time was of the essence, with the system installed itself incorporating a unique system-swapping timer – more on that below.

What type of system was installed?

While we’re often called on for tailored tasks, our request from this customer was truly unique. Intended for high-value pharmaceutical product storage, this one-of-a-kind self-managing cold room incorporated a 100% system backup.

This type of redundancy is for special cases where equipment failures simply must never happen. Utilising cut-off temperature sensor measures, this cold room rotates between its two systems every seven days and shuts off and cycles itself should temperatures fluctuate beyond a pre-determined range. 

Painstakingly designed to make full use of a 4.2m wide, 6.6m deep and 2.9m high space, the all-new state of the art installation uses rotating compressor cooling and J&E Hall condenser units. With a backup generator, fully bespoke interface and a changeover panel made from scratch in collaboration with Frostechnic, this future-proof unit is about as top-end as it's possible to get!

What requirements did the client have?

Cold room systems like these are usually only requested for the climate-controlled storage of high-value products. Being a prominent player in the pharmaceutics industry, our customer needed a floorless, sliding-door cold room with full redundancy. Better yet, the demanding profile of the floorless cold room was made more complicated by the need to work closely around pre-existing pipes in the ceiling area – a head-scratching challenge we happily took on.

What did Royale do?

Requests like these are far from the norm, and that means just about every element of this task was unique in every way. For Royale, that meant a lot of time spent collaborating and consulting with the client to produce the unique design and custom interface panel.

Were there any challenges?

This was an all-new installation – nothing was replaced or pre-existing. This, combined with the need to design and create a top-end, fully bespoke system with a rotating backup system made the project one of the trickiest yet for the Royale team.  Of course, we happily rose to the challenge!

What were the results?

We’re very proud to say that the installation went without a hitch. After a lengthy consultation and design period, our engineer for the project, Tim Dummett, saw the installation through to its conclusion.

What was that conclusion? An enviable state-of-the-art floorless cold room boasting absolute redundancy and full use of available space. Easily customised to exacting demands thanks to its unique interface panel, this cold room gives our customer the rock-solid confidence needed to store delicate and extremely valuable pharmaceutical products.