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Low-temperature air con systems installed to meet Food Standards Agency regulation

Production facilities like those run by Sarah Louise Kakes rarely have open schedules, and our work was no exception to the rule! This intense project involved worked around the busy production line of an always-active factory that manufactures a well-known brand of nutritional products. 

What type of system was installed?

This task was quite unique in that it wasn’t just about refrigeration or air-conditioning. Low-temperature systems are a technical combination of both these principles, being able to both cool and heat air in order to maintain a precise temperature – between 16 and 18 degrees, in this case.

Royale installed a new low temperature system into the production and packing areas of the Sarah Louise Kakes factory. For the task at hand, our engineers opted for Panasonic systems.

What did Royale do?

Working outside of normal operational hours, Royale engineers installed the new Panasonic low-temperature systems during the factory's maintenance periods to avoid any disruption to the very busy production schedule of the factory.

What requirements did the client have?

Confectionary – and food production in general – is a fickle game. What seems a small or even imperceptible difference in temperature can quite simply ruin freshly produced goods, leaving the business potentially at a loss of thousands of Pounds or more.

Sarah Louise Kakes needed reliable temperate control in order to meet Food Standards Agency regulation. The new low-temperature AC systems installed by Royale ensured that their factory areas would always be at the ideal temperature for production and storage.

Were there any challenges?

As is often the case, this job needed to be completed out of normal operational hours. Factories like these have brief but clear windows of time where maintenance cycles are performed, giving our engineers a small period within which to work their magic. The pressure is on in cases like these, with the complex task of installing multiple systems in tight time limits.

What were the results?

Brand new Panasonic low-temperature AC systems installed and active for Sarah Louise Kakes within days! These are reliable, FSA-compliant systems that give a great company the guarantee it needs to continue production of its flagship products. Well done to the team involved.