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The world matters to us and our customers

Energy efficiency

Royale ensure your solution uses energy efficient units, which will provide excellent functionality. We also will maintain the systems to keep them running at their optimum efficiency for as long as possible.

Environmentally friendly

All our equipment comes only from leading refrigeration equipment manufacturers, incorporating all the very latest technology ensuring low energy consumption, ozone-friendly cooling systems.

We stay up-to-date with legislation and ensure that all of our installations, servicing and working practices are 100% compliant. We take environmental issues relating to refrigeration gases and products very responsibly and always ensure that every installation is fully compliant to all regulations governing the use and disposal of refrigeration products.

Decommissioning service

Royale have specialists who can uninstall, decommission and remove redundant equipment and refrigerant. It is essential that this work is carried out by qualified and experienced engineers to guarantee the safe removal and disposal of the refrigerant in line with UK, European, F-Gas and REFCOM legislation.

We aim to recycle up to 90% of the equipment itself, and provide full waste notes for removed plant.