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Keeping your ice ice-cold!

It was a pleasure to meet Jose, the co-owner of J&D Ice at the bustling new Covent Garden Market in London

Jose approached Royale with his vision, for his new depot, and we were delighted to work together to design a space that worked and delivered his freezer cold room space to store 200+ pallets of ice and provide an office space with efficient air conditioning and heat recovery ventilation.

Gary, our Commercial Director, said

“Jose is an inspirational businessman, who we’ve worked with for a number of years, it was a pleasure to work with him in the design of a space that works for his new venture.

“Jose needed more space to store ice so we were able to build and install a freezer cold room complete with automatic door to allow easy access for pallets of ice and dual Danfoss/Searle systems all controlled by our bespoke control panel keeping the ice at an optimum temperature."

Jose added,

“The cold room works like a dream the ice is kept dry and there is no moisture which is vital for good loose ice that meets our customers’ expectations. Gary understood our needs and worked hard to make sure the project was delivered on time and on budget.

“I’m extremely grateful for the work the team achieved, the air conditioning is great and keeps us warm and cool in the office and overall my energy prices are low and have actually gone down from last year. Royale will always be my go-to and to have good suppliers that you can trust and rely on is half the battle in business.”

Royale specialise in the design, installation, service and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. To find out more about how they can support your business please give us a call on on 01635 551446 or request a quote here.