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Helping Sofea expand to reach more people in need!

Having serviced Sofea's refrigeration equipment for a number of years, we were delighted when Jonny, Project Manager at Sofea, mentioned that they had have outgrown their existing premises and needed a new space with some new cold room storage. Here we ask Jonnny a bit more about this excting project. 

Can you tell us about Sofea and how this project came about?

We are an education based charity and an important part of our work involves providing work experience and employment opportunities to young people through our food operations. We work in partnership with FareShare to take high quality food that was destined to be food waste by the food industry and we re-distribute it to other not-for-profit organisations. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in demand from our local communities to get good quality, nutritious food to the most vulnerable people. This increase in need has meant that we had outgrown our existing premises and we were given a grant by WRAP to help us to expand so that we can reach more people.

How did you find out about Royale?

Royale have serviced our existing cold rooms for a number of years. We’ve always been really happy with their work but more importantly they understand our needs as an organisation and really care about offering the best possible service that they can so that they can play an important part in the work that we do.

How has the project gone? 

The project has gone extremely well and we’re really happy with the new cold rooms that Royale have installed for us! A big thank you to Gary for talking us through the various options available to us, at every stage, and making sure that our needs have been met. The engineers were fantastic, a real pleasure to work with and they’ve done a great job. We’re delighted!

Would you work with Royale again?

Absolutely and we’d recommend them to everyone who needs new cold rooms and servicing or repairs on existing rooms.

Gary, Commercial Director at Royale, commented,

"It's always a pleasure to work with Jonny and the team at Sofea, we were happy to install a new walk-in fridge and freezer, all on remote refrigeration, using Danfoss. We are also refurbishing and relocating their existing chiller. It really is great to work for charities that our providing such an amazing service to our local communities and we are glad to be part of their journey."