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Working with Royale: How we serve and support catering and food retail businesses

We’ve been fortunate to work with quite the range of companies since Royale’s creation over 30 years ago! Today we wanted to take a little time to talk about the work and value we offer to companies that need reliable refrigeration support. As you might expect in the UK, this is a serious requirement that underpins the success of many of the brands and franchises we know and love as consumers.

The interesting thing about this kind of work is that it’s far from uniform. While refrigeration support might sound like a standard thing, every company has its own focus and requirements – what works for one won’t for the other. We’ve talked about this in detail before in other blogs from the team, such as when we performed renovation projects for a new-build for Cobbs Farm or our creation of the Isle of Wight’s first-ever dry-ageing refrigeration room.

With that said, though, there are a few general things we get right and offer uniquely to these kinds of businesses, be they small to medium businesses or larger franchises! Let’s go through a few of them.

Peace of mind support

If your fridge breaks down, it’s a pain you’ll have to fix soon. If you’re a franchise manager and your building’s refrigeration system fails, it’s an immediate priority that could cost you thousands in lost produce every day – and even more in missed business.

Reliability is worth its weight in gold. Simply put, track records matter – and ours is one we’re proud of indeed. We’ve been rock steady for over 30 years, keeping Royale in the family and employing staff who very rarely move on to greener pastures. That’s given us a unique grounding in reliable skill, making our refrigeration support arm a prized asset that keeps businesses going across the country.

Any time, the first time

It’s well and good to offer reactive callouts if a client’s refrigeration system should break; it’s another thing entirely to offer that service 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and to boast an approximately 90% first-time fix rate while we’re at it. That first-time fix rate means a lot; as we mentioned before, thousands of Pounds in losses are measured in minutes and hours where refrigeration systems are concerned.

Part of the reason we boast such a high first-time fix rate is, we think, down to how we stock our callout vehicles. To put it simply, we don’t skip on parts. We trust the experience of our engineers, letting them dictate what to stock their vehicles with based on their expected work.

Experienced staff

We trust our people. All our engineers are qualified in leading manufacturer equipment and come from a variety of system experience. We’re grateful to have a depth and breadth of knowledge in our teams, allowing us to place team members in roles that best draw on and develop their existing skills.

We’re far from old-school, either; our engineers work with modern tablets and smartphones, making it possible for them to send job details, updates and requests through to our central office in minutes. This means that we can quickly respond to issues and requests for our clients.

Our commitment to the environment

We’ve long been an environmentally conscious company here at Royale. We’re aware of the potential our work has to impact the environment and we’re proud to be always at the forefront of sustainable technology within our industry, be that through promoting and encouraging the use of greener refrigerants or staying abreast of new developments towards a greener industry.

You can read more about our efforts to minimise the environmental impact of our work in this article.

Want to know more?

A little more about us then. We’ve served clients across the country well via our refrigeration support and reactive callout services, and we’re proud to say as much. It’s all down to the skill and commitment of our staff, after all!

If you’d like a chat with one of us directly about your own requirements and how we might be able to help, do feel free to reach out. Either call us on 01635 551446 or email on [email protected].